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CrossFit Hand Care

Update: 07/22/2013 So latley I had a ton of people ask me “Hey Oscar why cant we where gloves?” My response has always been the

July 21, 2013 Blog, Press, WOD
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How heavy is too heavy?

How Heavy is Too Heavy? Greg Everett | “So when I lift I always shoot for best form over loading the weight. I don’t do 1RM’s

March 27, 2012 Blog, Press
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CrossFit Games 2012

There is no other true test of fitness The Games were created to fill a void; no other true test of fitness existed. From Ironman

February 10, 2012 Blog, Press
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Ego Vs. Integrity

From: CF Hollywood I could not agree any more….. NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ! Disclaimer: The following post is in response to multiple recent occurrences at

January 31, 2012 Blog, Press
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Naughty or Nice!

Thank you for all your toy donations CFD! All the toys from the “Nice” members were donated to the Community Coalition in South Los Angeles

December 15, 2011 Blog, Press
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Crossfit featured in Bunker Hill Magazine

Local Los Angeles magazine “Bunker Hill” has featured Crossfit. It’s a great read to check out

November 14, 2011 Blog, Press
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Crossfit in Details Magazine

Popular Mens magazine “Details” mentioned Crossfit as one of the “Gym Openings that Reshaped Us.” Crossfit is the latest fitness option that has helped improve

November 14, 2011 Blog, Press
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